Thursday, September 25, 2008


One of the most beautiful things I've come across recently

TOI Front Page

Apropos "Chillax! You're at the insti", it is indeed baffling to see an article on a topic like this on the front page of the esteemed TOI. In times when the whole nation is alert with an anti-terror helpline and children are being inspired by the death-defying and death-embracing feats of our brave cops, who in the whole city can be interested in knowing what dialect some geeks at Adyar use to communicate with each other, unless it is some form of obfuscated secret code that some anti-terrorist squad disguised as IITians uses to track the crime incidents in the city? The power of the front page lies in reporting news that awaken the readers. A trend or lifestyle article capturing a few hundreds of students which does not affect the rest of the city or the country in any way can rest in peace in the rest of the pages. A bunch of IITians is no substitute for page 3 celebrities that often land up on the first page too. It's an embarrassing comparison, perhaps, both ways. If the readers like to see a mixed bag on the front page, there are other promising initiatives going on in the green land of the geeks which they find worth pursuing.

- Someone at the insti

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesternight's GTalk Status

काली रात की कशिश
कवि की कल्पना
कहीं स्ट्रीटलाईट की चकाचौंध
कहीं कलियों का सपना
क्यूं बंद नहीं होता
पलकों का झपकना
कम्बख्त नींद नहीं आती
क्या कोई जाग रहा अपना

- कबूतर-कबूतरी-कवितायें@टाईमपास.कॉम