Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feel Good

Two years of investment and I have got that feeling of being able to think creatively on the sands of leadership and management. More specifically, I have focussed on personal management, team management, and leadership, both by example and by HR tools. The learning process involved reading the best stories and applying some of the best practices with new toppings. Recently, for the first time, I could get tasks done by a team instead of ending up doing myself. Throughout the thinking process till now, I have been following some principles that emanate right from the heart. Gut needs trust to thrive and so I believe in those unproved clouds of thoughts. Yesterday, I came across a wonderful bestseller and the book had it all the same. It just cut open my core and showed me how to value it more. It's called 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'. Highly recommended. The first spark of thought on reading the masterpiece is that the right path is indeed the right one. And then there is a whole series of sparks which, when connected together, form a lightning of effective living. That lightning brings all the wishes to life. Oh, btw, the right path is the one that one's mind chooses in conformity with one's conscience.

Reading a book can be a different experience when your experience levels are different. I believe there are right times to read a book similar to the sayings that mean there are right times to do the right things or right things happen at the right time. Had I read this book two year ago, I would have slept in the first ten pages. But now every statement reminds me of something that has happened already and I can relate the habits perfectly to life. Now I know why an MBA needs prior work experience.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Someone Special

Today is Twelfth of May and it is no big deal. It's not because nobody great was born or shot today. Remember, for once, remember for all, the Eighth of May and forget only to remember it again for today I shall introduce to you someone so special that you just can't imagine your life without him. Let him go out of your days and nights and one-third of your life is just an internship in graveyard. Ladies and men (you don't have to be gentle do you?), I feel immense pleasure in presenting to you the most creative geniuses of all times - Mr Dream.

Ask yourself who is the most intimate person in your life with whom you have shared your bed and I bet it has to be Mr Dream. Ask yourself who has been entertaining you since the beginning of the show called life with new and captivating plots of various genres including drama, horror, thriller, romance, fantasy and what not and it is him. Ask me who is the single most proven source of all inventions and innovations by mankind and I shall quickly google it up to tell you that it is Mr Dream. So, with due respect and gratitude, I invite Mr Dream to say a couple of words before you. It is a gentle reminder to all the readers to switch off their cellphones, close any pop-up windows and remember that today is the Eighth of May. And now, the man says.

Mr Dream: Hi there. Seems to be quite a lot of time since we met the last time, almost 7-8 hours for the early risers. I am a really shy person and hence meet you all individually in total privacy and not as a matter of any policy as such. I was wondering what to talk about today before our regular meeting at night when Virgineer contacted me and finally I stumbled upon an emotion of gratitude. I don't know how you will take this but yes I do play dice everyday before meeting you to decide about the kind of emotion to be depicted in your nightmares. So, it is gratitude for today.

I would like to thank all those who made this soporific regime of mine possible and contributed in any way to increasing my fan-following. First up, I surely owe to all the teachers and professors across the world. Cheers people, you have made me what I am today. Even the insomniacs of the third degree find peace during your lectures. Thanks a ton. Next, I would like to thank the Governments of all the countries of the world. Three cheers for all the Presidents, Ministers and Governors who have been behind the erection of Public Sector and Government Offices. It seems more like a sleep hospital during the day and the amount of medical research that has been behind it must be praised. The idea that one can get the best of naps only during duty-time is simply a crack. Last and the least, I sincerely thank all the politicians, public-speakers and test-cricket organizers who have contributed immensely to the sleeping activities of people through the ultimate tool of boredom.

By this time, most of you would have already started dreaming. For those of you who haven't, I've more. The art of dreaming doesn't just lie in surrendering yourself on the bed. It is guided by your aspirations, fantasies as well as impressions of your life on your mind. The suggestion from my side is - dream big and dream long. Not for your sake but mine. If possible, convert your dream into reality for the real world to fantasize even more, else you can accomplish it all in my virtual world anyway. By the way, I'm trying these days to merge the two dimensions and let you dream while you are conscious. The project is aptly known as Second Life.