Saturday, October 21, 2006

शुभ दीपावली

आज मन ने इक बात कही
कि द्रुत गति से भाग रही
जीवन की रेलगाडी की
फिर चेन खींची जाये,
खुशी नगर के बीच चौराहे
आओ दिव्य दिवाली मनायें|

उत्तर दक्खिन पूरब पश्चिम
माँ लक्ष्मी की आरती गायें,
शुभ गणपति के राग पे
श्रद्धा की बंसी बजायें,
श्री राम के लौटने की ख़ुशी में
आओ दिव्य दिवाली मनायें|

अमावस की कालिमा पर
डाल दें प्रकाश की चादर,
जला दें दीप इतने ढेर सारे
दूर आसमां में कहीं जल उठें तारे,
देख धरती की सुंदरता, छिपा चांद शरमाये
आओ दिव्य दिवाली मनाएं|

Saturday, October 07, 2006

India: Role of Technology ( Lec by Jhun)

  • Shortage is the root cause of corruption.
  • Civil Disobedience - Make govt small
  • India gives opportunities to optimize tech
  • Airline Industry booming in India tripled its passenger carrying capacity in 2 yrs, avg tariff fell by 3-times despite the rising petrol prices
  • Scorpio and Indica are comparable to the best cars in the world in their price range
  • With R & D driven initiatives, India is set to become leader in auto-components sector
  • Growh in auto-component sector crossed 28 billion dollars last year, dreams to reach 1 trillion dollars revenue by 2020
  • The world is flat but you ain't seen anything yet for the changes have not yet touched rural India Indian self-confidence is inferior to nobody else
  • 300m urban India threatens the world...wait for the 700m rural India to catch-up
  • 500k engineers graduate every yr from 1600 colleges - up from 25000 from 100 schools in 80s
  • Major problem was fore-seen as uneven quality and resulted in reluctance to expand but it provided the human resource
  • Politics is obstacle to growth
  • 135m rural households 65m urban households - large market but only at the right price
  • Urban avg Rs10,000pm and rural avg Rs3,000pm

Notebook - Start Up a Start-Up!

  • Practical, unique idea
  • See opportunity where others don't
  • 7Ms: Motivation, market, money, material, machinery, man-power, management
  • An idea can change everybody's life, particularly yours!
  • Attack a viable market
  • Perceive yourself and act as a part of an organism that is your firm
  • Network with other associates
  • Vinod Khosla
  • Frugality
  • Just Do It
  • Innovation: Add new value to a product or improve a process
  • Technology is not everything
  • Keep all the stake-holders' interests in mind
  • Quickly adapt to stimuli
  • See opportunity areas other than IT too : Food courts, food services to companies, textile, shopper's stop, CCD
  • Let the organization be free from individualism
  • Heterogeneous mixture of persons in terms of ability with homogeneous set of goals form a perfect team
  • Harness experience
  • Similar basic philosophy and ethics should guide a team
  • Look for complementary capabilities in team-members
  • The basic funda: Congruence of individual goals achieved while fulfilling a super-arching goal.
  • Hire the skills your team lacks
  • Stick to basic values of company e.g. no family person to be hired
  • Business should be extendible, not a one-idea show but a platform for a series of new ideas
  • Red-queen hypothesis
  • Entry Barriers: Infrastructure, registration, bureaucracy
  • Anti-corruption firms
  • Adaptability
  • Ethical or non-ethical tracks
  • Credibility - Evidence of having done a lot of work
  • Parameters: Better, faster, cheaper
  • Quantify everything