Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Success Mantra For Perfection

The transition from imperfection to perfection is an aspiration of both you and me. Sadly, most of the unsuccessful people and even the successful ones around us exhaust their energies in framing arguments that cover what they lack. An intentional illusion is what many of us live with and even leave with the same.

In an era of science and technology surpassing the nano-level, everything you assert needs to be proved before recognition. To your astonishment, this is just the preleminary stage of human evolution in terms of reasoning and perception. Eventually, the homo sapiens will evolve into unprecedented culmination of consciousness and perception. Then time will witness an era of "self-realization". Every individual will be aware of all the facts, figures, events, laws of nature, pas, present, future, right and wrong by simply wishing to know it. The need to prove anything will disappear.

Even today, we've a sense of realization - realization through experience. My experiences made me realize that the difference between imperfection and perfection is improvement, needless to say. The more you improve, the more you drift from imperfection towards perfection. Interestingly, perfection is the only unattainable thing and that's why we succumb to say - Only God is perfect; humans are meant to be imperfect. But why do we crave for perfection? May be, because we have an in-built crave for God. When God created us, he induced an opposite magnetic pole in us that pulls us towards Him or atleast motivates to strive for perfection which, in turn, is divine. The right approach to the scenario is to strive for perfection with the dogged determination of a student to learn and absorb and implement till the dawn of life. If we're doing that, we're doing the best possible thing and can label ourselves 'perfect' albeit we still have miles to go.

The Panda Funda

A panda walked into a restaurant and ordered a sandwitch and a drink. When he finished, he pulled out a pistol and shot up the place, scaring customers and breaking dishes, glasses and liquor bottles before turning to leave. Shocked, the manager said,"Hey, where are you going?"
The panda glanced back over his shoulder and said," I'm a panda, look it up", before disappearing through the door. The bartender pulled out a dictionary and thumbed through it until he found an entry for panda. The definition read,"A tree dwelling animal of Asian origin characterized by distinct black-and-white markings. Eats, shoots and leaves."

Courtesy - Reader's Digest

RJ, VJ, DJ,...WJ?!

Lal Bahadur Shastri - Jai jawan, jai kisan
A B Vajpayee - Jai jawan jai kisan jai vigyan

Youths, spring up! It's an open clarion call for the chat savvys who believe they can keep visitors clinged to their chat servers as long as they want. Mr Virgineer has added to the series of RJ, VJ & DJ a new dimension, WJ or Web Jockey.
There is one and only one characteristic feature of the species that's WJ - a prized ability to catch hold of a crowd of net surfers and restraining it to the site for a considerable period of time.

Rocker of Soccer (Naukar Soccer Ka)

The footfalls of football have grown heavier than ever. Just can't wait for the series of Ronaldinho kicks to kick off! The admakers of Fevicol are free to project me as their brand ambassador. Imagine me glued to my tireless TV, suddenly power gets cut-off and I'm still frozen in my posture. Then follows the background voice " Ye Fevicol ka mazboot zod hai, tootega nahi." Think of me in an Alpenlibe ad - I'm going naughty with a girl watching soccer and a vendor passes through the society shouting " Babuji lage raho, Alpenlibe, babuji lage raho". Oopss that's so very cool; alright, I confess I'm spending time too lavishly before that idiot box.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cute Quote

You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Gita.


Write as a rite - right or wrong

To write is my birth-right. But do I write just because there's nothing wrong in doing so? Nay, but then why do I write? Perhaps, because I know you're going to read what I write. Fine, I know you'll get rid of it in moments. Albeit it hurts, I won't mind. Not because I don't have mind to mind but simply because my heart is quite used to hurts.
Since the day I started to write as a rite, I've been getting threatnings in frustrated formats to quit. But I succumb like a hapless child against my sinful mind. I've been arguing with it since ages and everytime we stop at the same juncture. I ask my mind to stop writing just for the sake of it being a routine and torture people only when it finds a convincing excuse to do so. Everytime, it shuts me up with

(Work for the sake of working; not with the load of anxiety about results)