Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rocker of Soccer (Naukar Soccer Ka)

The footfalls of football have grown heavier than ever. Just can't wait for the series of Ronaldinho kicks to kick off! The admakers of Fevicol are free to project me as their brand ambassador. Imagine me glued to my tireless TV, suddenly power gets cut-off and I'm still frozen in my posture. Then follows the background voice " Ye Fevicol ka mazboot zod hai, tootega nahi." Think of me in an Alpenlibe ad - I'm going naughty with a girl watching soccer and a vendor passes through the society shouting " Babuji lage raho, Alpenlibe, babuji lage raho". Oopss that's so very cool; alright, I confess I'm spending time too lavishly before that idiot box.

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