Sunday, June 04, 2006

Write as a rite - right or wrong

To write is my birth-right. But do I write just because there's nothing wrong in doing so? Nay, but then why do I write? Perhaps, because I know you're going to read what I write. Fine, I know you'll get rid of it in moments. Albeit it hurts, I won't mind. Not because I don't have mind to mind but simply because my heart is quite used to hurts.
Since the day I started to write as a rite, I've been getting threatnings in frustrated formats to quit. But I succumb like a hapless child against my sinful mind. I've been arguing with it since ages and everytime we stop at the same juncture. I ask my mind to stop writing just for the sake of it being a routine and torture people only when it finds a convincing excuse to do so. Everytime, it shuts me up with

(Work for the sake of working; not with the load of anxiety about results)

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