Friday, September 08, 2006

In Retrospection

I know not

If got carried away

Or consciously ran until now;

When turn back,

She is gone.

Even a year ago

Not mine she was.

But now I know

She was mine.

Not any more?

No it ain't possible,

I won't let it be possible.

I' as rude, I know

But she is not me.

Come on, show up!

I beg of you.

At least lemme see you,

Lemme caress you, protect you

Lemme touch you, listen to you

Sitting beside you, close, closer.

Lemme hold you, breathe you,

Lemme take you wherever I want.

Lemme play with you, sleep with you.

No, I won't shout at you,

Hit you, suppress you

Or make you cry.

No, I won't avoid you,

Be ashamed of you,

Or make you beg for my time.

No, I won't force you

Or make you apologize in public.

But only if -

You don't talk to him,

Him or him either,

You don't smile at

The guy at the cafe,

You don't shake hands with the cousin

Of yours or mine.

I love you and only you,

More honestly than you.

I'm the only man

In the world

Possessed by your love.

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