Saturday, October 07, 2006

India: Role of Technology ( Lec by Jhun)

  • Shortage is the root cause of corruption.
  • Civil Disobedience - Make govt small
  • India gives opportunities to optimize tech
  • Airline Industry booming in India tripled its passenger carrying capacity in 2 yrs, avg tariff fell by 3-times despite the rising petrol prices
  • Scorpio and Indica are comparable to the best cars in the world in their price range
  • With R & D driven initiatives, India is set to become leader in auto-components sector
  • Growh in auto-component sector crossed 28 billion dollars last year, dreams to reach 1 trillion dollars revenue by 2020
  • The world is flat but you ain't seen anything yet for the changes have not yet touched rural India Indian self-confidence is inferior to nobody else
  • 300m urban India threatens the world...wait for the 700m rural India to catch-up
  • 500k engineers graduate every yr from 1600 colleges - up from 25000 from 100 schools in 80s
  • Major problem was fore-seen as uneven quality and resulted in reluctance to expand but it provided the human resource
  • Politics is obstacle to growth
  • 135m rural households 65m urban households - large market but only at the right price
  • Urban avg Rs10,000pm and rural avg Rs3,000pm

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