Monday, September 03, 2007

ChicKEN Or Egg?

Q. "Which came first - the chicken or the egg?" Explain with valid argument. Mathematical explanations are strongly discouraged.

Any lit-enthu guy will jump up and say,"Macha, chicken came first no; c comes before e, remember?" But he is simply overlooking the fact that a chicken can never have the guts to come first. A chicken will always remain a chicken no matter how much you egg it on. On the contrary, an egg has the palpable advantage of being oval and therefore it can roll and roll to attain an unbeatable speed. The egg will beat the chicken any day, any time, any track!


from IITM said...

Wow, stud level reason!!!

All these days i was wasting time in asking my friends from BT dept.!!!

But i had afeeling that it is the Chick which was given #1 position

Czar said...

btw, I love the way you chose your topics to write on. Totaaaal outta box! :)

~ThePrinceOfVersia` said...

shukriya :D

N said...