Saturday, December 01, 2007

Unofficial Unedited Un....ummm...whatever

Mark your actions; we are watching, whatever you do.

Mark your words; we are listening, whatever you say.

TFE is back, with a new set of eyes and ears. After a hitchhike across the galaxy, we went on a trip with Vitalstatistix tomorrow. Join us for the next odyssey.

We believe in the pen and the print. Make sure you believe us, for we spy and we don’t lie.

We are not early and we won’t be late, for we worship deadlines when they go to heaven.

Send your words; even if they don’t make much of a sense, we might still consider them to award you a sentence.

We love competition, especially when they filter, copy and reflect.

For the newsletters, sorry but you ain’t got nothing new. The PAAPrikas failed to count their sins and the reservoir Dogs are not allowed.

We urge you to write as a rite; claim your right, no matter its right or wrong.

To read is human, to write divine.

TFE, the official ‘free’ press invites anecdotes, articles, poems, cartoons et cetera et cetera. For the wordsworthy, we have already booked the Booker.

Guess who’s gonna ‘pay’ for it?

- The 'cut-copy-paste' Editors

**We are not copy cats and it's ONLY 'inspired' by

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Czar said...

I loved the last few lines.. :)