Friday, February 01, 2008

Saarang Quite-a-Quote

Should I give MY pen also to the GA people.
‐Participant at Cluedo on being asked to return pens.

A hand and a cock go hand in hand.

Had Eiffel Tower been the size of my tower!
- An extempore participant

Perhaps the grass is greener from your side.

Even Ducky is better than him.
‐ Audience number on Radio Joker Yo‐yo

A friend in hand is worth two in the bush. My question is, in whose bush?
Blow harder blow harder!! Size does matter!
‐ Vodafone chick during the Balloon Blowing Contest

Nice try for you to comment on global warming. You are the ones heating‐up our campus.
‐Audience number on MCC

Firang Female to a frustrated Spons Coord:
Where is the rest room?

Spons Coord (Manages to hear “restroom” as “the Rush”): Go to the Hospi Desk and fill a form. You have to be in teams of ten. If there are more than 15 teams, u can participate only if u get selected in the lucky draw.

Firang Female: Is this how you do it in India?

My mother likes eighteen year-old boys... as daughter-in-law (this is the one that got misquoted all over the papers, He knows what He said!)

He also has claimed to have performed with Elton John.
- The girl in the show on the judge

What did I do to deserve this?
- Judge of the cookery contest, after looking at a certain entry she was supposed to taste

When a Photography Coord on a computer was suggested to press “Alt+F4”, she pressed ‘Alt’ and ‘F’ and asked a vol to press ‘4’.
Earlier, the same Coord, while logging into a computer of her Department Computing Facilities, saw some guys trying to peek into her password. She promptly responded by moving the Computer monitor out of their view of sight and then continuing to type her password.

Just lower your expectations and go to Himalayas.
- Sanjeev Kapoor, perfectly unaware of the name of our mess facilities

Too many wives spoil the froth.
Oh, by the way, you are from which newspaper?
- Cookery contest judge after enthusiastically rattling off a bevy of details about the event to the newsletter correspondent.

One person each from all the benches which have three people sitting please go and sit on a bench with two people.
- Main Quiz Coord who actually wanted only two people to sit on a bench

What is Lucky Ali's number for Vodafone voting?
- Audience member at OAT

There has to be cummation for summation.
- A participant at Extempore explaining how
coming is important for population growth

Sanjeev Kapoor is lecturing on '30 things to die before you eat'
- Hospi-Desk

Saarang is a rickety bus and we are all holding the parts together.
- Spons Core

We know math is not your strong point.
- Newsletter Coords to The Events core.

I am left partner less da. That guy refused to come with me.
- Tapti freshie on the eve of scrabble finals.

Hold it, guys.
- Instructor at dance workshop

Gimme Tamil and I’ll run Saarang alone.
- Big Brother
Mostly cylindrical.
- India Quiz Coord on being asked what his power was
This very.........useful...... to be............... yout..h... ful.
- Grand old performer at Classical Nite

The gay people adopted the rainbow colours da. We can’t help it.
- Design Core

Show bum or Shoban or whatever.
- Spons Coord to his core.

Events Core: No da. I am not gay. I do notice boobs.
Spons Core: The only boobs you have ever seen are mine.

The Guangdong province in China is one of the second most polluted in the world.
- Audience member at the debate.

One of the debaters swayed during his speech
with such regularity that we actually used him
to keep track of time.

When asked to put forth their closing remarks, the damsels
started flickering like an old tube light, having lost their

The high point of the debate was a loud recitation of
Tiruvalluvar quotes which rendered the atmosphere vibrant,
although we could comprehend exactly as much as we
could have deciphered a verse in Swahili.

- Newsletter team during India Development Debate

When most elocution lovers would have preferred to wait
outside the auditorium and wait for the event to
finish, the made‐of‐titanium Newsletter
correspondent sat through it.
- Gel


Anand said...

I demand to be credited with the two JAM quotes. And the second Extemp quote ;)

Virgineer said...

"Yes, boss!"
You know you gotta supply when the boss demands.