Friday, November 07, 2008

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Against: True Love is a Farce

To have common standards, I consider the wikipedia definition of love i.e. emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection.

Now, my assumption about true love is as follows: true love is love that exists till at least as long as the people involved live.It doesn't need to be a two-way traffic. True love can exist only in one heart without the object of love reciprocating it. I don't consider love of an object or a goal to be true love because as soon as one achieves the desired object or goal, there is a discontinuity in love.

Now let's not look at stories of Jehangir-NoorJahan or Romeo-Juliet or Ducky-Size for true love. They are far too melodramatic, exaggerated and blown out of proportion, besides I don't have the statistics about how often or to what dimensions they are blown. But the evidence I have is none other but your mother. No matter how dastardly and bastardly mistakes you commit in your life, you are still loved by your mother till life permits. Let me submit to the house that true love not just exists but empowers those who experience it. How many of you have seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? If Hrithik Roshan can hit a six by remembering Abhishek Bachchan's parents, imagine what all you can do by remembering your own parents? CAT aspirants, are you listening?

My partner mentioned that even if your mother had some chunnu-munnu instead of you, she would have loved him as much as she loves you. And it just doesn't matter who the mother is or who the son is. Let's analyze the problem in detail. Let's say we have a mother-exchange having n mothers and a daughter exchange having n daughters (I'm a feminist you know) and one daughter maps to one mother and vice-versa. So how many permutations are possible? Factorial n? MA junta, correct me if I'm wrong. So in all those factorial n arrangements, mothers truly love their daughters. So, the point is, this whole fuss about mother exchanges and daughter exchanges is just Maya. Remember all the world's a stage? Somebody up there is playing games with you you know and in all those games you are a subject or object of true love. So we just proved that true love is not a farce, it is a force that exists in all the events which the Holy dice results in.

With the MA program's induction, love's already in the air. The only challenge is can you make that love stand out as true love? May the force be with you.

Conclusion: All my co-speakers who feel that true love is a farce can feel free to dial home and talk to mommy about true love. She will have all the answers to your complaints about her love not being true. And if you are fortunate enough, even your father, brother and sister should be able to pacify you. For those of you who are still whining, there is the Guidance & Counselling Unit of IIT Madras. We can get you some professional help as well.

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P.S. Life's all about learning and I've learnt recently that if a joke hurts some just to make others laugh who will anyway laugh on even worse jokes, something's wrong. If anyone is hurt even slightly because of any of the PJs, please let me know. I shall ensure that there are no more pinching jokes not just from me, but from people around me as well. Although I try my best to have healthy humour in whatever rare cases I have a sense of humour.

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