Friday, December 05, 2008

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Apoorva Chandra: /@pu:rv ch@ndr/ noun
Unprecedented moon, peerless, unparalleled

BTech: Theory - Electrical Engineering
Practical - Arts
Inspiration - Management

IIT: A zoo where monkeys arrive to watch the Saturday show. Mr AC wrote for toilet papers, spoke with stage fright on various stages, acted in sick & perverted ways, read Nancy Friday, danced in front of hundreds like a true bathroom dancer, scored 2-20 during bisemly tests, did a shaktimaan and a doodhwala during ragging, got a sex-change operation to play the heroine of his own play, rose to fame when he was caught playing Sita in Freshie Nite, saved some asses from Chandysaurus Deanex, got slapped in front of the whole institute for his poor acting and got bumped in his only interview as well as GD - all this just to please the monkeys. FINALly, he landed up in the F! cell which is his final chance to get out of the zoo.

Girl: Outside the zoo, the species hitting (on) you for being able to be locked up in the zoo. The Mr Happy that you're for having something so hot near you, you end up being Mr Loser (detailed account of incidents to be revealed if you manage to get me drunk, which is not quite easy, albeit some daredevils did succeed once upon a time). Inside the zoo, the species you think are missing.

The Law of the Jungle: All species are male. The zoo administration is gay.


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Advanced Learner's IITMictionary

Life's so nice
And I am wise (WTF!)
Fun at its peak
What else do I seek
Still I feel
A pulse of zeal
Just do it the way
For come what may
I'll move ahead... (chal chal aage badh, hawa aane de)

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