Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Place Meant For

Quit, it says. I can't eat into anyone's job, not at a time like this, not when I stand to gain a little and someone might lose so much.

Optimism is the key. It's a storm out there. Everyone's caught. Get a place to hide in. Strike when the sunshine arrives.

Life's got numerous bus stops, like the DTC ones. Get off the bus you took just to escape the rains at one of these. A bit of quick running and a fine jump will take you aboard the bus of your dreams.

IITians need not worry about weather fluctuations. We create our destiny ourselves, through vision, perseverance and sheer courage. All those night-outs before end-sems and quizzes have been nothing less than climbing a mountain in a day. We are tough people and can survive anything. It's a fresh start. Let the race begin, again, to find the place we are meant for.

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P said...

You've "placed" the nail where it is "meant" to be! So true. We need bother no weather. We may just regard it.