Monday, January 02, 2012

The Final Question

Case 1. I am suffering. Even when my seemingly impossible wishes are fulfilled, I am not happy and feel the need for new and different things. There are so many more who are struggling. What is the ultimate solution to all suffering?

Case 2. I am happy, absolutely at peace with all the positive and negative events taking place. Nothing can stir me. I enjoy the beautiful world as it is. I wonder who the hell created all this, including me. Where is she/he hiding after creating this marvel? At this moment, all I can think of is that I must find the creator.

Case 3. Who am I?


Surbhi said...

Case 4. I am happy when my wishes get fulfilled and yet I keep yearning for newer and different things. Things around stir me, at times, even make me sad. I wonder who created this world- with this balance of beauty and suffering, who is running this world but only once in a while. Rest of the times, I simply enjoy it.


Apoorva Chandra said...

In the three cases, the individual's very foundation of existence is threatened by the question. There is nothing more important to him than finding the truth. What could have been mere curiosity is a matter of paramount importance.