Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From i to i-less

The purpose of ego and attachment is self-preservation. The concept of “I” exists to preserve this particular body and mind. But, this particular body and mind is as precious as another body and mind. All our activities should be in line with this idea.

Once self-preservation is achieved, we seek something else. That search may find expressions in greed, ambition, curiosity, creating an impact in the lives of people, etc. It seems we are seeking something infinite unconsciously because this search is never going to end this way. Even the most accomplished and affluent individuals such as Alexander, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Einstein, Edison, Steve Jobs, etc. could not attain perfect bliss through towering heights of accomplishments. They all stayed miserable as far as perfect happiness is concerned.

Spirituality is about seeking that infinite consciously and finding out the ultimate truth. It is not about attaining any knowledge or reading any scripture or following any religion. It is just about consciously seeking the one answer to everything that has been, is, or will be.

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