Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When we came here, we brought nothing. We were just a super tiny creature crying for some reason. Gradually, we accumulate things from this place into our body and mind. We tend to assume our right over those things and if any of them goes bad, we cry again. Even if we are not able to accumulate more, we cry. If we remember the state we were in when we arrived and see what we are today, we will feel nothing but deep gratitude to everyone and everything for taking care of us. No matter who we are, we are alive today only because the existence is so caring.

Sometimes, when we lend a helping hand to someone, our ego tricks us into believing that we are the ones helping the one in need. Isn't it so easy to see that we are just taking a piece of the existence from one place to another. There is nothing here on which we can claim ownership. Everything is loaned from the planet. However much we may claim anyone or anything to be ours, it will become free from us sooner or later.

That brings us to the question - is there anything that we can claim right over? Are we supposed to start as a beggar and end as a beggar? Is there anything at all that belongs to us? Before that, who are we? What are we? Who am I?


Soumya Mishra said...
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Apoorva Chandra said...

If that's the gateway to infinite permanent peace and bliss, sure!