Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"Failing? Not at all. Most people spend huge amounts of time and effort on one thing: avoiding the painful truth about themselves. You're doing the exactly opposite."
-Excerpt from Life After Death.

The most beneficial moments for spiritual growth are the most challenging ones in which we discover our greatest shortcomings and face the wall. Because then, we break the wall and emerge as a super version of what was before. We may choose to stay contented in that state. Or we may discover the next greatest shortcoming and face the wall. The thicker the wall, the lesser the number of walls. If we are in a very difficult phase in life, surely it is the best time to become a super-self. No wonder people who live intensely advance immensely. The more the world attacks us, the better swordsman we become. If everything around is quiet and controlled, it is time to move on to some place which is a little shaky. Only then can we quickly advance to the ultimate truth.

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