Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Entry for Jan 26, 06

You might have danced before but dancing like no one's watching amidst 6000 exuberant people on the breathabstaining tunes of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy is not a common recreation in a Republic Day evening.

A recreation?!! Rather a madness, an excuse to let some sound wavelengths of high amplitude sway your emotions or in fact it's like sailing in the Pacific without a sail....because it's out of your hands to hold your hands to rest. I experienced today a magician disguised as a musician making me involuntarily dance like Mike Jack's guru and that too when I couldn't attend the dance workshop sessions of Saarang! The colourful part of the story is that I was dancing with 4 gals facing me and 2 beside me who had gone insane as well. Now this is an honest assuration that those were not the typical non-males of IITM albeit partly booked ones, and no being on earth could stop me from widening my imaginations that took me to Chemplast Cricket Ground with six gals quenching my lust in a crazy dream that night.
That was the day of realization and rewards. Standing tall on the zenith of succes I felt as if I'm yelling to myself, " Lo fool! And you were saying that I don't know how to dance with gals." Just after the exit from that open air theatre of dynamic and energetic atmosphere I landed on the YOMOTO airport! (Pardon this guy struggling for the first blog of his life he's talking about Motorola Ad Stall) Hmmm that's yet another pink event that ended in a prized pink T-shirt. I just put my zeal into some crap promoting games of that motorola guy and came out with 'IIT Rocks' slogans and that infamous moto-shirt but then.... Then those ruthless friends of mine, may Lord bestow them with no mercy when it's my turn, kicked my butt like hell in a movement to save the tradition of bumps-giving in IITM. I escaped out somehow and you won't believe.....someone who's happy with me in the good heavens condensed the clouds, a drizzle just arrived in time making the celebrated day even more special.
So that was January the 26th 2006 for me; the Republic Day of my beloved nation brought in 100 GB of happiness.exe into my hard disk, Bharat Mata ki Jay indeed!

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