Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Sky Is Clear

Time was fleeting so fast and I was lost in the infinite hollowness of leisure activities round the clock. I was like a feather who had renounced any botheration of the direction of flow, ascent or descent, or the destination - leaving myself to the careless hands of fate. Then, one moonlit night, I got to talk to a senior who counselled me. Here's an account of the chronology:

Monce of dark clouds,
The compass did fail;
All directions looked similar,
Worthless was the sail.

The waves kicked & tossed me
And me lying numb
Lost in my fantasies,
As if I did succumb.

And then descended a seraph,
His eyes deep like his wisdom;
Conveyed he the holy message
And said,"Let light come!"

Gone are the gusty winds,
The clouds shall ne'er be here;
The era of light is unleashed
For the sky is now clear.

The resurrection-time witnesses,
Rejuvenated I stand,
Rip-roaring is the new 'me',
Can shake the universe with a hand.

With will firm as rock
With realization of what I am
Here I start the unending race,
Let them hear my victory, wham!


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