Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So you love Mom, don't you? Everybody does. Recall the day when you left her for the first time. The fear of living, sans her around you, immediately filled your cup of emotions over the brim. The irritation of your inability to change things reacted with the waves of grief in the atmosphere to evolve tremendous amount of emotions that trickled down your face as tears.
This, my friend, is true love, the divine love that is more profound than light, more playful than gravitation in binding entities albeit the mother of all forces which have been responsible for vibrations sustaining life, sustaining matter and sustaining everything else in the universe.

Basically what we experience in normal life is just a babyspark of love. There is a whole nuclear bomb of love lurking inside you that is still unseen. Don't get amazed for you will soon justify it yourself.
Have you heard about reincarnation and the theories suggesting that no matter how painfully you perish, the being I'm referring to as 'you' remains as it is except for the trivial fact that it's not palpable any more and that too for a few moments. For those moments that being (let's give him a name, say Atman) sleeps with an intensity a billion times that of the deepest human sleep . Dude, can you believe that sleeping guy is nobody else but you after a free entry into the realms of death. Atman just entering into the dimensions of death is afraid and humble. But soon he realizes the brand-new absolute freedom he is experiencing. No more breathing and pumping exercises and restraints on your movement, no more pain of being caged into that small human body and no need to let himself into the ocean currents of emotions, attachment and desires. Everything is gone and when he checks his wallet he has got three things - love, himself and someone who has been hiding during the whole play.

That someone is God. Soon Atman, in the clear atmosphere of deathland that is free from earthly misleading clouds, beholds the sun! He realizes that God has always been with him waving His hands even in the earthly clouds in the faces of all those who loved him and those whom he loved. Atman in free state is an owner of true intelligence and discovers that 'love polishes human faces which reflect God's image for you to remember Him for you have forgotten Him but He's still very much undeviated from the path of loving you'. "So it was You who has been my mother, father, friend, brother, sister and everybody else I can recall!". "Yes my dear it was Me and you have realized by now that I have been your mother since the day of your existence and will be there with you till infinity. Our love is beyond all boundaries of time and space for you and Me are one and the same. You and all other beings are nothing else but a reflection of Me. We shall have to play this hide-n-seek again for you forgot Me."
"Please God don't send me away from you again." "Don't worry I'll always be there with you in your mom, dad, friends and every being and you can always talk to me in the language of love, bye."
So now you know how much you love someone who has been your mom, dad, everything for the past infinite years and will be there loving you immensely forever. All you have to do is - push the button to release that lurking love. But how to do that...?


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