Saturday, April 01, 2006

Scene 1: The Interview

Peon: Mr Rahul Sharma! Your turn.


Peon: Mr Sharma, you are being called!

Peon: Mr Sharma!

Rahul's conscience: Abe dumbass ja Rahul Sharma tera hi naam hai, dumbass tera nick hai.

Rahul: May I come in, sir uhh... I mean ma'am?

Boss: Yes, plz have a seat.
So you're from IITM. A cgpa of 7.4 and Saarang coordship...that's all for your resume?!
OK, Mr Sharma, if you get to work in my company, how will you contribute to its profits?

Rahul: Given a chance, I shall be the most productive male in your company.

Boss: Productive in what sense?

Rahul: That sense.

Boss: What?!

Rahul: Dot dot dot, you know what.

Boss: What would you do if you win a 50 lacs lottery tomorrow?

Rahul: Uhh...I shall buy a Ford Fiesta,..move in to a lavish house, new
girls everyday,...get the latest electronic gadgets...

Boss: Congrats, it was simply to check if you would quit the dint even wish for a holiday, well done!

Rahul's conscience: Aaeelaa! I was about to say that.

Boss: Sorry, did you say something?

Rahul:,. Why, you heard something?

Boss: Alright your next question - Describe yourself in one word.

Rahul: Uhh...I'm a virgineer.

Boss: What...what did you say? What's that?

I'm a virgin, yet an engineer. I've not even touched any girl, any
machine's internals or a circuitboard. I'm a virgineer!!

Boss: If you were to ask me something, what would be that?

Rahul: Are you single?

Boss: Excuse me, yes, I'm, but what sort of a question is this? I expected
something professional from you.

Rahul's conscience: Yes, she is single!

Rahul: Well, it is professional. I wanted to know if women on top are committed.

Boss: Mr Sharma, you've got the job. You can join us tomorrow.

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