Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scene 2: 1st Day in Office

Two guys talking to each other.

" Look, look! A new bakra."

" Don't say like that I've heard he's an IITian."

" Really?! He doesn't look like one."

A girl and a man in conversation.

Girl: Is he the IITian who was supposed to join us today?

Man: Eh...what nonsense? Look at him, seems like a buffallo who has lost its way while grazing. Watch me now. Man goes to Rahul.

Man: Hi boss! How do you do?

Rahul: Sorry, have we met before?

Man: Yes, of course, don't you remember? By the way, are you an IITian?

Rahul: Yes, I'm. Why...?

Man: Are you sure?

Rahul: Of course I'm from IIT Madras, what kinda silly question is that?

Man: OK see ya, bye... IITian, huh!

Rahul, in toilet, peeing. There's a man beside him.

Man: Are you the guy from IIT?

Rahul: Yes, I'm the fool, why, do you have any problem?

Man: Oh no, not at all. Would you mind if I ask you how you prepared for JEE; my daughter is preparing for JEE.

Rahul: Is she beautiful?

Man: What...?

Rahul (finished peeing) : See, send her to IIT only if she is beautiful otherwise there is no point...we already have hazzar non-males there. At least someone has to think about the feelings of the males, I mean the male feeling of the males....I only know now after passing out from IIT that there is a species called female that is not extinct and everytime you look at it, you feel fresh, energetic, tensionfree, poetic..I don't know how to describe it!

Man: Are you nuts...what the hell are you saying...!?

Rahul: By the way I don't remember any book's title, nor do I remember my time-table; to be frank, I blindly followed my coaching gurus. Pardon me for all I said just now and send the girl to Kota.

Man (to himself): This guy is the height of insanity!

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