Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scene 4: Finally...

Rahul & Anjali are on a dinner-date

Rahul: Macha I love you da. I know I'm slisha shy but my heart is hazzar despo to tell your heart how much he cares for her. And today I present to you a token of my love....

Rahul presents a ring to Anjali

Anjali: A ring?! Is it your family's traditional ring...looks like an old one, has your mom given you this ring for the girl you love.

Rahul: No it's even more special. When I was in 1st year, I made it myself in the workshop for someone who would be the most special in my life...and now I present it to you.

Anjali: I love you too.

Anjali wears the ring

Anjali: But what were you saying just now, I couldn't get more than half of what you said.

They go for stroll

Rahul: Actually, whenever I'm too emotional I unintentionally use IIT lingo, I just can't get rid of the IITian in me.

Anjali: Don't ever do that...I love the cute IITian in you who speaks a funny language, works like he has taken sanyas from the rest of the world, doesn't know how to propose a girl and still cares for me and loves me to the full of his heart.

Rahul watches Esha with a guy

Rahul: Hey who is that guy with Esha?

Anjali: Shut up and concentrate here.....

Rahul: No but last time she was with some other guy.....

Anjali: You idiot you'll always be hazzar despo about girls.

-------------------------CURTAIN FALLS------------------------------------------


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