Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scene 3: Two Months Later

Rahul( to himself): It's been two months you've been silently admiring her. Go loser! She is right there, tell her what you feel for her.

Rahul: Hi, I'm Rahul Sharma. Your new colleague. And you're Esha right?!

Esha: Ya, I know you, you're an IITian. A guy with specks totally immersed into work, quite uninteresting type...huh

Rahul: Oh no...not again! Look, being an IITian is no heinous crime. Apart from that, I'm a man. I also have feelings.

Girl: Excuse me.

Rahul( to himself): IIT, IIT, IIT! This label is still standing in my way to girls.

Peon: Sir, ma'am is calling you.

Rahul: Which ma'am? Tell her that I'm from IIT. She won't need me anymore.

Peon: Sir, Anjali ma'am is calling you.

Rahul: Aaeelaa! OK I'm going, I'm going.

Anjali: Come in, Rahul. I've a good news for you. The board has approved your proposal. Guess what? You've been promoted. Now we are colleagues of the same rank and I'm supposed to assist you in your project.

Rahul(to himself): Wow! She has ne'er been so friendly to me. And today she is looking more gorgeous than ever. Now that she is no longer my boss, I can say that.

Rahul: Thanks for the good news! By the way you look scintillating today, ma'am.

Anjali: Don't call me ma'am now, I've a name that is not too difficult to pronounce.

Rahul: Alright Anjali, let's start with the project tomorrow.

Next Day

Anjali and Rahul working together and...

Aankhon ki gustakhiyan maaf hoooo......

Pehla pehla pyar hai......


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