Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just Pun It!

All I need is piece of mind.

Do not come to mess with me.

When you're happy, you're gay.

Meet Sallu and you'll not kill anybody who is dear.

Don't drive after whine.

Dove into the pool won't survive.

Don't lie in the Church, it's not your bedroom.

All the roads lead to roam.

The worm of cricket is chirping all around.

Don't you worry, I'll serve philtered water.

Might might not always be right.

If you've a heavy bottom, shall I call you a waist fellow?

What you so, sow you reap.

Shall I call you sapien or homo?

Does fridge rime with freeze?

Fine, I'll pay it.

Some secrets are hidden under many lairs.

I heard you've a wild ass?

It's so hot in May, God bless!

Do you eat those who're chicken?

If pun crosses borders...

Main tujhe roz ek rose dunga.

Kis kis ko kiss karun?

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