Monday, January 29, 2007

Kher & Kakkar

Last 36 hours brought me into contact with two eminent personalities – Anupam Kher and Prahlad Kakkar. The former is an actor and the latter an adman. Both are genius. You never realize that until their charisma and enigma catches you live. Before both of the respective lectures, I was lethargic enough to rot in my room amidst the usual malodorous fumes. Providentially, I somehow happened to be in the sanctified auditorium and the juice was worth the squeeze. Some of the chronological commandments of life leaked out are as follows: (->the apology smiley is for the pathetic clichés of my notorious mind which have plagued the paragraph towards the end)

Failures are as worthy of celebration as success, perhaps more sometimes. When you are not afraid of failures, the latent potential within you liberates itself. Success brings with itself arrogance as dowry.

Life is about choosing between journey and destination and it turns out that journey can be of more worth than the destination itself. In fact, the key to happiness lies in enjoying the journey and taking life as it is.

Bheega hua aadmi baarish se nahi darta (A drenched person is not scared of the rains). Let yourself go through the vicissitudes of life but rise out of any abyss like a mountain.

Counting upon your past-achievements is losing your present ones.

Rising to the zenith is commendable but staying there is genius.

Success is like money. Once you realize that you have it, you have already taken your first step towards losing it. Failures elevate you to success; success brings with itself the fear of failure.

The best way to avert mistakes is not to repeat them. Silly mistakes are like common cold; you never know when they creep inside and spit phlegm on your answer sheet.

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