Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Stupid of Me

How stupid of me! Here I am, having a sip of cappuccino and enjoying the light moments, remembering the lightest moments of my life. I think of my tryst with Monaco – munching heavily and trying to feel light. Light it was but lightest – surely not. The next moment I remember that Giga-Newton column of liquid I got rid (pissed, literally) of in the toilet an hour ago and relive the light moments consequent to the holy act. At this instant, I feel like betting my bottom rupee on those being the lightest moments of my life. Soon enough, I start feeling pathetic, small and repentant. How stupid of me for I have not yet considered the Light Music Show @ Saarang. For the ignorant, Saarang LM Night is yet another night in my life, albeit comparable to none other, which makes me say "The juice was worth the squeeze". To be modest, it's just a night of trance, a night of pulsating melody when some Shankar asks his friends Ehsaan & Loy if Dil Chahta Hai and imparts gyaan about life having kabhi khushi kabhi gham. Sometimes the night is marked by another bloke called Sukhwinder Singh, the same great saint who recites Omkara and Kisna . It is the same light night, my comrade, when I got to sway with this girl for the first time – the girl who's sipping at my cappuccino right now and the same girl who's ready to pay for it ;). But looking at it retrospectively, all I can say is "How stupid of me!"

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