Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feel Good

Two years of investment and I have got that feeling of being able to think creatively on the sands of leadership and management. More specifically, I have focussed on personal management, team management, and leadership, both by example and by HR tools. The learning process involved reading the best stories and applying some of the best practices with new toppings. Recently, for the first time, I could get tasks done by a team instead of ending up doing myself. Throughout the thinking process till now, I have been following some principles that emanate right from the heart. Gut needs trust to thrive and so I believe in those unproved clouds of thoughts. Yesterday, I came across a wonderful bestseller and the book had it all the same. It just cut open my core and showed me how to value it more. It's called 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'. Highly recommended. The first spark of thought on reading the masterpiece is that the right path is indeed the right one. And then there is a whole series of sparks which, when connected together, form a lightning of effective living. That lightning brings all the wishes to life. Oh, btw, the right path is the one that one's mind chooses in conformity with one's conscience.

Reading a book can be a different experience when your experience levels are different. I believe there are right times to read a book similar to the sayings that mean there are right times to do the right things or right things happen at the right time. Had I read this book two year ago, I would have slept in the first ten pages. But now every statement reminds me of something that has happened already and I can relate the habits perfectly to life. Now I know why an MBA needs prior work experience.


aniketanand said...

You were a great leader. Really!

Virgineer said...

Thanks to you and others who made such a wonderful team. We generated really cool ideas.
Thanks a lot for the kind words.

SDK said...

Seven Habits...Has your sphere expanded off late. Or was it the inner sphere expanding or something like that.

Hey! Just a thought. Will you continue with this blog if you are not an engineer anymore? Chances are that would happen in near future.

And what if you are not a virgin anymore? Oh, whom am I kidding? Long time to go before that.

Virgineer said...

Engineering is a way of life :P Yes, yes I know it reminds you of something.

I can't get the engineer out of me even if I'm not one any more. Albeit I would never know if it got inside me ever in the first place.

Losing virginity is like getting into IIT. You think getting in is tough? Try getting out.

Look who is talking! If I open my mouth about your fantasies of losing virginity, at least religious riots will surely get triggered.