Monday, January 26, 2009

Forrest's Mom Says...

Life's like the Gajendra Circle. You never know which elephant to ride on. Both are looking in opposite directions.

Life's like having four babies, one for every year of IIT life. Obviously you are biased towards the youngest.

Life's like a CRO of IE lab. You never know which way to hit to make it work.

Life's like Facebook. It's not a book. It doesn't have a particular face. Every time you try to add that Mary Jane to your friend's list, it hits with a book in your face.

Life's like a Tapti Security Guard. There always is a goddamn camera staring at you. You never know when to sleep, when to go out and take a *iss.

Life's like the Fitting Workshop. You never know how much to file to make Muthu smile.

Life's like the FRP workshop. You never know He loves your piece of plastic or you.

Life's like a freshie. You never know which senior God incarnated as.

Life's like a judge of Lit-Soc. You never know which one to laugh at.

Life's like acting adventures. You never know when it's too country even for you.

Life's like looking for XXX, the movie, on DC++. You know what you're gonna get.

Life's like Dean of Students. You never know who it's gonna be next in his office, shouting - who will win the Schroeter.

Life's like the girl next door. You never know when she is coming out to dry her hair.

Life's like monkeys at IITM. You never know which baniyaan they are gonna take next.

Life's like wing-fart sessions. You never know whose leg they're gonna pull next.

Life's like HSS class. You never know who just farted to start the fire alarm [ref: Film Studies by Ayesha Iqbal].

Life's like dance workshop. You never know whose foot it's gonna be next.

Life's like final year. You never know how many times you're gonna make an ass of yourself.

Life's like the song Papa kehte hain... You never know where your manzil is - software, finance or consulting.

Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know when you're gonna get loose motions.

Life's like your latest crush. You never know which ship you are in.


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