Saturday, April 22, 2006

`Right Person Wrong Place`

He wanted an undergraduate degree
And decided to pursue it from IIT
But he heard tales of yore
Filled with hardships galore
Of people struggling to beat the monster JEE

Dogged determination he had
So he sought a launchpad
Asked he a winning gladiator
The weapons needed to counter
"Mugging need not be a fad!"

"My date with books was short
Mostly I used to play and fart"
The novice was so confused
The advice he refused;
Needed he some other dart.

Dived he into the pool of coaching
His father's bonds kept breaking
Blindly he followed the gurus-
'Hardwork's the golden goose'
Got the way, strong 'as he going.

No gals, no TV, no WWE
No comics, no cricket did he see;
Tore he his babe magazines
Left watching even the cyber scenes;
Finally hoisted his flag on JEE.

After two years of complete sequester
He was thrown headlong into Schrodinger
Even as the electron went round
The waves were quite profound
And group study seemed to be the only answer.

It worked well in the quizzes
Easy appeared the ridges
But the horrow show was scheduled
Just before the finish line, dude!
'Practise singles, no fours, no sixes!'

So he took known topics
Mugged them to the full of his stockings;
One day his mother called
Then dear a googly was bowled;
Ran he into mom's laplings.

Forgot he Prof's lectures
Clicked only family pictures
By the time he woke
The sweet dreams broke;
Disaster, he got a curse!

In facing the dread inquisition
He could not defend his position
So it shouldn't surprise
When he was apprised
Of the Dean's decision.

The ground shook
The chap couldn't brook
His dream world 'as adverse
Indeed it'as a worthless fuss
Why a beloved is at once a crook?!

The campus-no longer a paradise
He was hiding from staring eyes
Went to Dean, GCU, Fac Advisors-
'Sorry we don't deal with failures!'
For him the sun wasn't gonna rise.


Anonymous said...

Read your postings....crazy and insightful.
Me: A film student...can't see myself hitting the industry with a Munna Bhai MBBS Part learning to cook and clean...amidst day dreaming!
Chalo kuch bana lete hai...
My debut is going to be a film on ragging. Not Pro and Not Anti. I just have some piggy bank savings and time to make one!
Am travelling for the next two months...
Want to talk to you...Not necessarily with the camera on!
any email...or a number that i can reach or talk to you.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!