Friday, February 13, 2009

She's the Best!

"Women, who comprise half the world's population, do two thirds of the world's work, earn one tenth of the world's income and own one hundredth of the world's property (Gender and Society)." - UN in 1980

Men are insecure beings. If women are let out of homes, men will be driven out of work. I can only speak of my world and if you're a man reading this, get hold of a kerchief bro. If you are a woman, it's an honour to have you here.

There are various virtues human beings have exemplified over the past many turns of galaxies. And there are various actions governed by those virtues. In my humble opinion, the most valuable of them all is sacrifice. For men, getting the spelling right is the first step to learning it. The second never comes. We use other men and women in our lives as steps to lead us to everything for personal upliftment. Women do that too but so rarely. At least the ones I have encountered are ready to sacrifice their pride, ego, growth in life, precious time, and so much more for their loved ones. On the contrary, men seldom sacrifice something like personal growth and have a very different set of priorities.

As I see it, women keep integrity, loyalty, duty, and love as their most important dharma. Perhaps men tend to keep attainment of goals and prestige higher up in the list. We live in an illusion that we are courageous in our pursuits. How many of us will have the balls to walk through a dark lonely street late at night returning from a call centre with the whole world full of human vultures staring at us through unseen peepholes? If you wish to be acting courageous, be a man. But talking of rock solid courage, try being a woman. The fact that men resort to violence speaks of their weakness and failure to accommodate the strong point of view being offered. It might be nonsensical, crazy or out of the male world, but along with that it carries strength so overwhelming that a man, completely unable to hold it, gets rid of it through physical aggression.

Women I have encountered are much more mature than I have ever been and have a very genuine priority list in their lives. They seem to know where, and to what extent, to venture into and when to say quit. They live sincerity and are well mannered. Pardon the generalization but it just happens to be like that in my world. I tried giving a fresh shot at opinions regarding the various samples of the superior sex I have encountered and amazingly, even the ones who seemed a bit incapable at some point of time, looked absolutely perfect with the conformity of their actions vis-a-vis their priority list. With women teaching new lessons everyday to mankind in territories they were long disallowed to enter, it would be no shock if I hear of female institute secretaries, events cores, organizers of speaking and thespian events, erecting new initiatives in the campus and all that through righteous meritocracy laid on an ethical canvas. A Ram never goes through fire but someone else who never touched a sword has the courage to sit through it. In Sita, I trust.


Abhinav said...

All that I am today is because of my mother and there are many stories where woman have stood tall and supported , a life without them is imaginable.

Anuj Choudhary said...

@Abhinav - I second you.
I was looking to write that piece for long but never had the right set of words to express the feelings. Thank you for doing it.. if u don't mind i will link it to my blog.....

Virgineer said...

Completely agree

My pleasure

Kishley Bhalla said...

excellent piece bro...well said!